Copy Health Check

Copy Health Check


Discover how your website could convert even more visitors into happy, paying customers with a fix-it-fast Copy Health Check.

Get a pro copywriter to review your site and spot the opportunities to nip/tuck your copy for more leads and sales, without the stress (or expense) of a start-from-scratch project.


Order today and within 7 business days you’ll get:

✓ a super-specific Copy Diagnosis giving you a comprehensive critique of the copy on 3 pages of your website, outlining where you might be leaving sales on the table

 a personalised Copy Prescription showing you EXACTLY what to do first, second and third for copy that wins over your ideal customers

✓ a video walk-through so I can point to what’s working well and what needs a little TLC

actual copy recommendations you can totally steal, written by conversion copywriter Louise Shanahan (that’s me!).


Start now by clicking below – you’ll get a quick questionnaire to fill out, then your website review will be on its way!



Make your marketing budget go further with a rapid review of your website

Get 100% bespoke copy recommendations in your inbox within 7 days

✓ Find out why customers are visiting your site… but not hanging around long enough to buy

✓ Get an expert second opinion on your new web copy, BEFORE you start sharing it all over social

✓ See exactly where your copy is leaving money on the table – and get a tailored action plan so you know exactly what to change


With a fix-it-fast Copy Health Check, I’ll help you discover the opportunities to rev up your conversions – and all for a fraction of the usual investment to work with me one on one.

Get speedy input from a pro copywriter without worrying about schedules, contracts or (expensive) invoices

When it comes to writing web copy, you usually have two options – do it yourself or hire a pro.

In my monthly emails, I share the copywriting tools and techniques used by the pros so you can become your own copy master. If you’ve been writing your own copy – you rock! But maybe running it by an expert wouldn’t hurt before you send your best leads to your home page.
Now, you could hire an experienced conversion copywriter to take the guesswork out of writing copy that sells. But this can be a significant investment (my web copy projects start at £2000), and sometimes you need to get things moving without waiting for schedules to line up and contracts to be signed.
What if there was something in between? What if you could get expert input without having to wait, and for around 85% less than the usual fee? Uhh, YOU CAN. That’s what’s on offer here – all within 7 days.

Here’s how it works:

✓ You fill out the questionnaire that appears on the ‘order confirmed’ page, and tell me which pages to review and a little background on your business

✓ I’ll get started straight away on your Copy Diagnosis, reviewing your web copy and creating your personalised Copy Prescription – a tailored, written roadmap showing you the exact actions to take now (even a few tweaks can make a HUGE impact)

✓ I’ll walk you through all of that in a 30-minute video, so you can picture how your new copy will work on the page

✓ I’ll give you written copy recommendations you can use now (yes, really!)

✓ I’ll send you a link to a Dropbox folder so you can access your files without breaking your inbox.

Here’s what previous paying clients have said about working with me:

“I found the process so easy. I felt like you understood my ideal client, my message, and me as a person. You took my message, passion and ideas, and moulded them into a coherent story that people can walk through, as they make the decision to start coaching with me. My best friend read the page and said “It looks and reads exactly like you. I’d have sworn you wrote it. I love it.”

Tara Fitness, Former Personal Trainer and Health Coach

“We found the entire process enjoyable, efficient and most importantly, easy. We could leave everything in her hands. Her copywriting skills are excellent… We would recommend her services to anyone who needs to get their message out quickly with minimal fuss and maximum output.”

Rick Orr, Senior Development Manager, Winning Scotland Foundation

Note from Louise:

I really want you to sign up for this. I know you’ve got a FANTASTIC service to offer people and you need to get eyes on it. But if your visitors are clicking away from your website, you’re not going to be able to help them. If you’ve got a solution to someone’s problem, you’re doing them a disservice by not selling it effectively.


Your website is one of your biggest business assets – and a Copy Health Check is a super low-risk way to make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck.


The small print: English websites only, I’m afraid. Your Copy Health Check covers up to 3 pages of published web copy, excluding long form sales pages. You will receive your review within 7 business days of submitting your questionnaire (so do it now!).