Privacy Policy

Keeping things simple: what happens to your data?

My privacy policy is very simple. If you share information with me through this website it will stay with me. It will not be shared with any third parties without your explicit consent (but please note that as this is a WordPress website, WordPress can see your details. I use Thrive Themes to run my site, so they have the ability to log in if I have any bugs needing fixed).

Your data will only be used for the purpose stated when you shared it. In all of my communications with you I will give you the option to opt-out of further communications or to delete your details permanently.

What does this mean?

  1. There are three ways to provide information through this website: by filling out the contact form on the ‘Hire Me’ page, by signing up for blog post updates, or by signing up for The Copy Prescription email newsletter.
  2. If you complete a contact form, I will use that information to contact you. After that initial contact, if you wish not to be contacted again I will respect that and delete your contact information. Your information is held in the backend of the site, but if you’ve asked me to contact you about work, I’ll use your email address to do that and then we’ll be communicating by email. I won’t add you to my email newsletter list without your explicit consent.
  3. If you sign up to receive email or blog post updates I will add you to my email distribution list and will contact you whenever I have blog or related content that matches your interests. Every email contact will have an unsubscribe option so you will be in control. I use Mailchimp to manage my email list.
  4. If you would like me to delete your information at anytime I will gladly do so. Simply email me with the request.
  5. By ‘information’, I mean your name and email address. You never need to provide any more than that.
  6. By ‘I’, ‘we’, ‘me’, I mean me, Louise Shanahan, the person behind The Copy Prescription. At this point in time I work alone and no other staff will see your information. If I ever work with contractors, I won’t share your information unless I explicitly obtain your consent to share it.
  7. I will let you know if I update this privacy policy.


Like all WordPress sites, this site uses cookies.

These tiny text files are placed on your hard drive so that my server can see when you visit my site. It’s completely anonymised though – you can’t be identified.

For you, it means the site will remember any preferences you’ve stated and should load faster each time you visit.

For me, it gives me the option to track information such as how many people are looking at my website and how long they’re spending on different pages.

You can disable cookies in your browser.



If you have any questions about any of this, please contact me at The above policy applies to those emails.