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Calling all health makers!

Is dull web copy driving your perfect client back towards the search results? 

Are they missing out on all the amazing ways you can serve them, because your best offers are buried under a heap of snooze-worthy content?

If people don’t hang around long enough to hear your message, then you can’t help them.

And if you’re the real deal, you have a duty to make sure they join your tribe. You have an obligation to make sure they buy from you and not the flashy grin with the big promise on the next website along. Ugh.

Your message is too important to have people land on your site and click away because your copy sucks. #truth

Stand out from the crowd with captivating copy – words to help you create healthy people and healthy profits.

I craft compelling copy that’s full of energy and bursting with personality, so you can market your services to exactly those people who need you (and ramp up your readership and revenue at the same time).

Ready to shout your message from the digital rooftops? I can help!

Hi, I’m Louise Shanahan. 

I’m the health copywriter you’ve been looking for.

My mission is to help make the world healthier and happier, one expertly-chosen word at a time. You in?

✓ I write for healthy brands and coaches who want to boost their profits with stand-out web copy and killer content.

✓ I write for non-profits and public sector orgs who want to explain something important without going overboard on the policy-speak.

Health copywriting

You’ll get research-driven copy that’s carefully crafted to resonate with your readers (whatever your goal). You won’t have to lift a finger.

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This is health marketing with a difference.


If you’re looking for copy that wears a suit and tie or hyped-up bro science, then I’m not the health copywriter for you.

But if you’re a force for change in the health world (even just a little corner of it), and you want to sell your services without selling out your mission, I want in on that action.

And most importantly, so do your customers.

Want copy that sells? Let’s talk!

“We asked Louise to help us produce a brochure for our charity and we found the entire process enjoyable, efficient and most importantly, easy. Her copywriting skills are excellent – succinct, stylish copy that very accurately captured our own tone and approach. We would recommend her services to anyone who needs to get their message out quickly with minimal fuss and maximum output.”

Rick Orr, Senior Development Manager

Winning Scotland Foundation

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