My ‘Convert with Confidence’ copywriting process

Get more clarity, confidence… and clicks!


Conversion copywriting is a science.

It’s about eliminating guesswork, so we know exactly what works to nudge your website visitors towards a purchase they’ll love.

By using a thorough, data-driven process, I’ll glean solid insights about your ideal customer’s desires and motivations, from which to create the copy that’s most likely to convert.

Of course, there’s also an art to writing engaging copy. Once I’m armed with oodles of data about your customers, I’ll add some creative magic to bring the whole thing to life and make sure it sounds and feels like you.

With my not-trademarked-but-it-really-should-be Convert with Confidence Method, your copy will be data-driven, but definitely not dry.

By the time we’re finished, you’ll have clarity about your brand messaging, confidence in your copy’s ability to tell your story and grow your business, and, well, more clicks from excited customers!

my copywriting process

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