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Beware the curse of knowledge

curse of knowledge

Beware the curse of knowledge! (Or, how to write great health copy without bamboozling your readers) By Louise Shanahan – 8 November 2018 When you’re an expert in something, it’s easy to forget what beginner status feels like. You’ve read all the textbooks, bookmarked the industry leaders’ blogs, and swapped anecdotes with your fellow pros. […]

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Carry the damn fridge!

customer service

Carry the damn fridge! (or why I’m starting a customer service revolution) By Louise Shanahan – 25 June 2018   From kitchen renovation to customer service revolution After three weeks of living on toast and cereal, our kitchen renovation is almost complete. (Yes, this post comes with a #firstworldproblems disclaimer.) We’ve ripped out 25-year old pine […]

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