How to proofread your writing.

Why I never worked in publishing (and why you should always proofread your work)

I hit refresh on my inbox for the bazillionth time. Nothing. And again. Refresh refresh refresh. Nothing. I was in pre-graduation purgatory, looking for post-university employment. Recession was on the horizon, so I was open to pretty much anything that wasn’t another unpaid internship or my old summer job, selling tartan scarves and whisky and […]

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3 ways to create content for your health blog

3 ways to create stand-out content for your health blog

Build it and they will come… or will they? You’ve heard that blogging could be good for your health business. A home-grown audience of potential leads, building credibility and authority in the industry, and reminding the search engine spiders that your site exists all sound like good things. But where do you start? Just for […]

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